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Windsor Stamey

Novel Project

In the Novel Project I read the book, “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult. This book to me was a big eye opener in learning about Motherhood. This story really showed how a family actually struggles with having a sick kid in the family. You see how a mother struggles with trying to take care of her sick child, but also trying not to ignore the other children in her family. This really showed that sometimes it isn’t always happy times with a family, but you still have to work through whatever obstacle is thrown at your family.

Advertising Project!

The Advertising Project was one of my favorites this semester. One example that I loved was the picture of the son carrying his mom around that say "Try holding her for 9 months", and I was able to ask a few questions about the actual childbirth feeling to moms. My all time favorite question I got to ask the mother’s was “Do you think your husband could ever survive childbirth”. I know personally my dad complains way too much to ever go through that much pain. The mother’s were all on the same page about how it is not wrong to want a career and be a mother. I learned in this assignment you don’t always have to give up career goals when being a mother.

(Down below is an example of one of the Ad's I found on motherhood)

It was really neat to hear what the mother's wanted to pass on to their kids and their families as well.

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The survey section of this class was BY FAR my favorite part of taking this Comm Class. There is something different about learning from a textbook and learning from actual mothers. I loved hearing all the different aspects of how they thought motherhood was defined. I learned that in my small town back home, between 20 different mothers, they all had a variety of different opinions on how you should approach raising a child. I also thought it was very helpful to hear that at first they had no idea what they were doing either when they first became mothers. I think it was very neat to get to hear from their experiences and what worked and what didn’t. (I think they liked bragging on themselves too : ) )


As you can see from the picture on the right, I studied the movie “The Incredibles”. At first, I thought there was nothing I could learn about being a mom from this movie. Surprisingly there are a lot of things you can find from this movie. Something I found funny and I discussed with the class was how they portrayed the mother. They had her doing dishes, running errands, and being the parent who set all the rules. She was basically holding that whole family together. You even see her at the end rescuing her kids and her husband. A humorous part of the movie was when she was yelling at her kids, and they said, “You told us not to do that”, and she yells “I know what I said but now I am telling you to do it”. That statement is something I think all mother’s can relate too.

In this link below, I found this cute how they found different parts of the movie to say Happy Mother's Day.
The Incredibles Celebrate Mothers Anywhere - Disney Movies Anywhere


The Television Project is a project I don’t think anyone minded working on. We got to watch TV for a class! I picked the era of the 2000's show's! (I picked 5 mothers who I explain below in pictures) See below for more summaries. I liked this project and learned a lot from it, unexpectandly. I watch a lot of TV, so it wasn't hard for me to pick mothers, but once we started doing this project I realized how motherhood is portrayed in TV shows. I loved learning how "cool mom's", "strict mom's", "lame mom's" were all portrayed in this project.

To see my whole presentation - >


The news articles were very interesting in this class. I had no idea how much mom's were criticized, idolized, and looked at in the news. Everyday there was a tragic story, or a story that was so horrific we could barely talk about it, or stories that made our hearts all warm. I found it very interesting how critical the world is of mother's. I did not realize how much mom's are in the news. It really shocked me how we learned how some mother's are so heartless and couldn't care less about their children, and then we saw other articles of mother's doing everything in their power to make their children happy. I loved the most hearing the articles about how some mom's went above and beyond for their children when they had medical disabilities.

Below is one of the news articles I found about a tragic accident where a mother accidentally let go of the stroller and lost her twins forever.

Magazine Project!

This was a very interesting thing for us to study in groups. I loved studying InStyle magazines for the era of 2013! Something I found very interesting on the magazine was when they spotlighted a Mom/Girl for each of the magazines. Each month they would pick a Mom or Celebrity and say the accomplishments or what they had achieved. I found it really cool when it was actual mom's they spotlighted and in the articles you saw how they had achieved so much in their career but also were dedicated mothers. I liked seeing how super successful business woman were also loving mothers when they weren't in the spotlight. I like seeing how you can have both a career and a family and don't always have to give up your dreams when becoming a mother.
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Disney Films!

Disney films had to be the biggest eye opener to me in this class. HOW MANY MOTHERS WERE DEAD IN THE FILMS IS ASTONISHING! I couldn’t believe that my mom let me watch so many shows where mothers were not present. From a young age we watch these shows and see these kids being all-dependent and not ever having a mother to look after them. After we studied some of the movies I asked my mom why in the world she ever let me watch it and she simply said I never asked her where mothers were. It was just accepted by society that mother’s were normally dead in TV shows. Now after studying this, I will definitely be keeping an eye out when my children try and watch Disney films.

Some that REALLY shocked me are pictured below.

Children Books

Children Books were also a big shock to me. In the power points looking at what books showed moms and what books did not, was a huge shocker for me. There were 3 to 4 slides of books that did not have mothers present and then there were was one slide that had books that did show mothers. Looking at the list I was shocked because my mom use to read these books to me as a kid. I am shocked to see growing up the TV I watched, movies I use to love, and books I obsessed over there was no mother figure. I think from a young age I learned to be dependent because I had been taught that through everything I was watching and reading. It was not bad stuff; mothers were just non-existent.

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When we studied songs about mom's I choose the song, "In my Daughter's Eyes" by Martina McBride. The song is below if you would like to listen to it. I think this song is a great demonstration about how a mother really feels when their daughter is growing up. You see how to a mom, her daughter is everything. When times were hard or when she was hurting the answer was just to look at her daughter and remember everything she went through. I love this song, and I learned just how passionate mom's become once they have that child.

My favorite lyric would be,
In my daughter's eyes I can see the future
A reflection of who I am and what will be
Though she'll grow and someday leave
Maybe raise a family
When I'm gone I hope you see how happy
she made me
For I'll be there
In my daughter's eyes

I think that describes perfectly how mother's leave footprints on their daughters hearts and even when they are gone they live on through their daughters.
Martina McBride - In My Daughter's Eyes (LIVE)

The Feminie Mystique

The Feminine Mystique which was our textbook for the class, was actually a book I did not mind reading. I actually have never heard how being a mother was in the olden days, and that was something I found very valuable in learning in this class. I actually loved seeing how people saw motherhood back then, how you were not suppose to work, and how working woman came off as bad mothers. It was super interesting to even hear how you shouldn't go to college as a woman, you should be having kids and focusing on the family life. It was weird to see how much times have changed since the stories in this book.
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Farewell to my favorite class I have taken.

Overall, this class has by far been one of the most informational classes to me in my college career. I even told my mother after this class, what a different appreciation for her that I have after learning everything. I learned a lot about motherhood simply from hearing other mother’s answers too. It was cool to see how many women I looked up too take on motherhood. I loved hearing the classes’ perspective on different news articles and how we were shocked at the woman in the world sometimes. I loved studying woman and having a career while being a mom. That was probably the most informative part was how so many moms also want to be successful in their careers, because I know that is something I strive towards. It was very cool to look at how the world perceives mothers too. Whether it was Disney movies, Disney TV shows, songs, or even books, how directors try to capture a mother or just leave her out all together was so interesting. We say in the news how being a mother is one of the most important jobs, but yet we see on shows how mothers are nowhere to be seen. I tried to think of a definition of motherhood to end on my summary for this class but I couldn't. If I learned one thing its that everyone has a different opinion on how a mother should raise their child. Mom's all do it differently and are very passionate about how they raised their kids. Being a mother is one of the most difficult jobs people say, but they also add in how rewarding it is. All together I will miss this class a lot, but have learned more about the real world than I ever have in any other class.