Over view By Maegan Thomas

Overview/History of Free-Verse

Free-Verse is one of the newer styles of poetry. Most people believe that the the first Free-Verse was related back to the 1380's, when John Wycliffe translated Psalm. But as time goes on the Free-verse Becomes more and for as a break threw for a mental block.

Purpose of Free-Verse

The purpose of a Free-verse is to sometimes break threw a wall of creativity that mite be holding the poet back. It is also a way that the writer mite be expressing there feelings or emotion. It can be sad of happy or emotional.

Charctoristics of Free verse

There is no set outline for a Free-verse. Hense the name Free-verse. It can be how every long or short you want. It is simply a reflection of you.


There is sin and there is secret.

There is inner-beauty and there is charm.

Many people get Inner-Beauty and charm confused,

Charm can can twist and change people

while Inner-beauty loves and care for anything that is free to be what they want.

Sin and secret are no different

sin kills and pushes down the people we love.

While Secret can be fun and full of better judgement.

But all the same,

Be careful, Be kind,

And love others.

By. Maegan Thomas