SWJH Media Center

Week of October 5-9

Where in the world is Science 9?

Science 9 teachers instructed for two days using flexible grouping based on students' needs and wants. Student who showed mastery of the content (one specific essential learning in 9th grade science), did an extension lab. Students who did not show mastery of the content or didn’t feel confident in their learning were placed in groups to get some more practice. Some of these students did a matching activity in the media center while others did some different practice in the classroom. These two groups of students switched over the course of the two days.

Students who showed that they were still really struggling with the content after the matching activity received one-on-one or small group assistance (no more than four students with a teacher) so the teachers could better pinpoint where they were messing up or misunderstanding the material. Students were reassessed after all of the reteaching and extra practice in order to see if the activities worked in providing students a way to interact with the material in a different way. It was so fun to see the students learning in the different environments and watching those light bulbs light up with the extra practice.

2015 Scholastic Book Fair - November 16-20

Many great titles will be available for purchase!

The 2015 Fall Scholastic Book Fair will take place in the Shakopee West Junior High Media Center the week of November 16-20. Many new titles will be available as well as old favorites in paperback. The fair will coincide with parent Teacher Conferences that are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-7:30 p.m. At this time, the fair will be open for shopping in front of the auditorium. Come and see us for some great reads and a fun environment. See some of the newest titles below:

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What books/eBooks would you like to see in the Shakopee West JH Media Center?