Nothing to Fear

Christian Dennis Book Report


Daniel JR., Maggie, Mickey, Mr. Weissman, Hank, and Daniels mom are characters in Nothing to Fear. The main character is Daniel Garvey, a boy who tries to find food for his family.


The setting is in New York, NY, during the great depression.

Rising Action

Daniel's father, Daniel Garvey left his family in the great depression to find money and food for them. "Dad" left for many months but never returned. "Mom" got a letter from the train company that says Daniel Garvey 1st, died from jumping out of a train. She hid it from Daniel jr.


Daniel's mom is having a baby soon and a man named Harold came to help "mom."

Falling Action

Daniel found about his father and at age 15 he went and shoe shined people shoes for money. Harold proposed to Daniel's mom. "Mom" had her baby and named him Patrick and married Harold.

Problem and Solution

Even though Daniel and his mom and two younger siblings were sad about loosing their father. They have Harold and lived happily ever after.