The Society of Pieland

By: Justin G.

Medical Laws

First off, I think the medical process should be rather familiar to the way it is now, along with how it is in the book. I think the points system is smart, but it could change if someone you knew was beyond saving legally. It wouldn't be fair to save some people, and let others die though. Something I don't agree with though, is that they didn't save the people even though it was possible.

So if I had my way, the medical system would go like this. Patients would be informed about what is happening to them, and be allowed to choose not to undergo the operation. I think it shouldn't be legal to import doctors from poor countries in the world because we have plenty of health care employees, but the countries we take from continue to suffer from lack of doctors, surgeons, and nurses. Instead of taking people, we should educate students about the importance of medical workers in our society. We should continue to make more advantages in medical treatment like pills, and medicine to stop pain along with more transplants.

"Legally Human and How"

In our society, we will have special laws for being human. You must be at lease 51% natural material, along with 25% of your brain intact. With biogel in effect, people will be tempted to break the law so we will have strict punishments. If we caught someone saving their child, or someone else they would be jailed for life. The person who is illegal would be taken by the police and held at a 100,000 dollar bail. If they are bailed out, the person who does send the money will be jailed for life also. Both the bailer, and the parent will stay until they die. The laws in Jenna's society are not bad but I think they could add some things so less people will do what Jenna's parents did. The punishments were never discovered, but I don't think they are strict enough. Our society doesn't have the same system in real life, so it won't be that much similar to my own society. In the book when the congress is passing a law, most of them say it should be passed. I know because it says "and Senator Harris has been trying to persuade his fellow senators to vote against it. By taking so long he has hoped that it will give some chance for the opposition to make a stronger case". I think that means he is trying to change the majorities mind about the legality of humans.

Some of the things that could exist in the future of our society

Video on someone who possibly lived since 70,000 B.C.

Keanu Reeves is immortal

Bioethical Information

In our society things like biogel will be available to the general public, but only held in labs, or medical centers. If it got into the wrong hands it could be bad for the city, so it will be exclusive in that way. Things like placebos will be permitted along with other pills that can help reduce pain. One thing that will not be allowed is cloning. It can overpopulate our city and crowd the streets. We will strive to have better healthcare than anywhere else because it will help our reputation, and possibly get us money. Jenna's society didn't really do much about bioethical things accept the point system, which didn't help completely. We should not allow cloning accept if you get the governments approval like in the book. In our society 15 states have banned human cloning. The first was California in 1997. I would agree with them because it could be the end of the world if used in the wrong way. Sure it could help to repopulate endangered animals, but it is to risky. If labs are using new technology and we find out they will be closed down and fined 50,000 dollars because we take our laws seriously. In the book the FSEB did near the same thing with a few changes. In our society the group called the Animal Welfare Act protects animals from bad experiments along with the National Academy of Science. Anything can be performed on an animal if it is proven scientifically justified. The Food and Drug Administration, the US Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, and the US Environmental Protection Agency regulate scientific labs. We will have monthly lab checks to make sure nobody gets away with anything.

Our town will someday have the best healthcare in the world.


In summary, we will be a medically based society that relies on our health care officials to keep our town running. Someone who does undergo a life saving surgery will not be discriminated in any way. We will treat our civilians with much respect and help them in ways available.