Gray Wolf Gazette

September 26-30, 2016

Gray Wolf Mission

Creating a community of learners where students' are actively engaged to reach their full potential and display positive character.

Character Trait for September: RESPECT

Treating others in a way that is polite and kind.

#ptproud #jcshines

PBS Lesson for the Week: Being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible in the Cafeteria

A link for the lesson is below, however, there are videos in the PBS folder on the Drive.

Professional Growth Plan Updates

Thank you for all the hard work and participation with your Professional Growth Plans on Early Release Day. The completion date for Growth Plans from all certified staff has been moved to October 31st. Administrators will review and send the document back for revisions if needed. Final administrative approval must be completed by November 22nd. Once again they can be created by the grade level team, but each member will submit the growth plan online through TalentPerform.

Student Flu Vaccinations

The Cole County Health Department will be here on Wednesday, October 19th around 9:30 to give the Flu vaccine to our students. Nurse Nikki put consent forms in your mailboxes to be sent home. The health department will be back to collect the forms sometime between Sept. 21st-23rd.

Looking Ahead...

Monday, September 26

Terri Miller out all day

Tuesday, September 27

Teamwork Tuesday

Culp out PM

7:30 SST (Slusser/Cyliax)

4:00 iReady Data, PD prep Suzy,Scott

Wednesday, September 28

Suzy out all ICLE

Thursday, September 29

7:30 RED (Swires/Sprenger)

8:50 SST (Willmino/Williams)

9:40 IEP (Earwin/B.Bax)

10:30 504 (Gerloff/Sprenger)

3:30 SAEBRS screening meeting for classroom teachers (computer lab)

Friday, September 30

Duncan, Morrow, Juneau out all day

Savage out PM


Assembly Schedule Day

8:30 Awards Assembly in gym

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Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing - Grades 2-5

This is a fantastic website that you can subscribe to for getting a Problem of the Week sent to you. All problems are designed to provide students with ongoing opportunities to solve mathematical problems. They would be ideal for collaborative work. Each problem has students show evidence of their thinking and solutions. There is an archive of past lessons and solutions. If you don't sign up, you are definitely missing out!
CEMC Web Resources

The CEMC has become Canada's largest and most recognized outreach organization for promoting and creating activities for mathematics and computer science.

Creating a Positive Culture in Your Classroom

How can I build relationships with students?

What does a vibrant and engaging culture look like?

How can I create, uphold, and share responsibility for classroom norms?

How can I help students work together?

Sound like familiar questions you have had? Check out the link below for resources to videos, blogs, and articles to help you create and sustain the classroom learning environment you want to create!

What is Class Culture? Click Here

Everything you need to know about class culture. What it is , how to improve it and why it is important to students and teachers.

Behavior Data Snapshot

Comparison of Pioneer Trail to District (as of 9/19/16)
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Required HR Videos

Don't forget that the required annual training videos must be viewed and acknowledged by Friday, October 14. ALL certified and non-certified staff are required to view and acknowledge viewing the videos and agreement to comply with policies by this date

Remember that viewing the videos on a MAC must be done by doing the following:

  1. Go to the district webpage ( and sign in
  2. Go to District Departments: Human Resources- Staff Training Videos

Acknowledging the viewing of the videos must be done by signing into Talent Ed-Records. Please see Julie Stoehr if you have any questions.

Behavior Intervention Site - PBISWORLD.COM

This awesome free website will give you behavior descriptions and interventions to potentially use to be both proactive and for teaching the desired replacement behaviors.
Behavior Intervention Site - PBISWORLD.COM

Comprehensive positive interventions and supports

Coffee with Larry Attendance Competition

-Competition starting September 1st -30th, 2016

- Highest student attendance rate

·-Highest monthly attendance rate increase compared to same month last year

- First week of October will recognize two winning schools



DISTRICT: 98.14%


  • *Kelly Services Number is 1-866-535-5998. Calls need to be made before 6:15 AM

    Send Suzy a text if you are getting a sub before school, with the confirmation #
  • Be sure to get your website updated for September!
  • Turn a copy of your newsletter into me each week, or email it if that is easier.

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Krista Merk – 4th

Sarah Wilson – 11th

Jennifer Dampf – 12th

Andrew Berhorst - 27th

Tara Verslues – 30th

Lounge Duty and Snacks for September

Sarah Wilson, Rachel Todd, Katie Whitener, Leigh Anne Long, Jaclyn Neugebauer

Snacks: 9/30