Andrew Jackson

"ZERO of the common man"

Andrew Jackson: Hero or Zero?

Andrew Jackson grew up in the working class. Jackson was a war hero from the war of 1812. IN 1828 he won the election because the people felt Jackson was more like them. As loyalty Jackson used the Spoils System. During his years being a president he stopped the national bank, used spoils system and supported the common man. These all sound good right? so why am i saying he is a Zero? Well he did worst things like kick Native Americans off their land (Trail of Tears), Over used his power to veto, thought he had more authority than the constitution and at death owned 150 slaves in his mansion called "The Hermitage". He said he was "The Common Man" but I do not think a Common Man would have a mansion.
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Abusing his powers

In the cartoon above Andrew Jackson is dressed up as a king and is stepping on the U.S constitution. They drew this cartoon because the people thought at the President, Jackson was abusing his power, like a king. Henceforth that's why they drew this cartoon.
Andrew Jackson - Good Evil & The Presidency - PBS Documentary

Trail Of Tears

The Trail of Tears is when Andrew Jackson kicked Native Americans off their land in Georgia and Florida and resettled them to Oklahoma. Many Native's died, Children, Women and Men were crying. American soldiers were following them with weapons to make sure the Natives didn't act out. Supreme court told Jackson that he could not take their land, Jackson went against the constitution.