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Strengthening mathematical conversations through content

Whether in whole group or small groups, are you working to strengthen and deepen the conversations you and your students have when it comes to fractions? If so, please consider the following professional learning opportunity. As an added incentive for Oakland County teachers, we are happy to let you know that we are able to offer a stipend ($300)* for educators that participate in the full series. Please note: Enrollment is limited to 30 participants.

*If the institute days coincide with an educator’s existing contracted work days he or she is not eligible to receive a stipend.

Applicable for Middle School Teachers Too

"I attended the Fractions Institute last year and it was very helpful for my struggling 6th graders. It also helped to see the trajectory of how fractional thinking develops and is taught in earlier grades... I was so thrilled to see how even activities from much earlier grades tied nicely to what my students were expected to do. It was time well spent."

Sharon R. Rivera

LRC/ Math Teacher/ XC Coach/ NJHS Adviser

Berkshire Middle School

June 28 - 30, 2016

8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
This series is designed to deepen teachers' (and administrators') understanding of the development of fractions across grades 1 through 5. There will be an emphasis placed on the content described in Michigan's Mathematics Standards for grades 3 through 5, including the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Throughout our days together, educators will actively engage in mathematical tasks selected to highlight the ways in which students' understanding of fractions is expected to deepen and extend over time. As we work and learn together, we will consider the interplay between the mathematical content and the instructional strategies we use to help students learn that content. We encourage colleagues to attend together (e.g., general education and special education teams, grade band teams, etc.).

Oakland Schools

2111 Pontiac Lake Rd.

Waterford, MI 48328

Event Contact: Lyn Weber