Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs


According to Maslow's theory, this is the highest level one can attain on the hierarchy. This level represents the feeling of belonging and purpose. It is the complete fulfillment of ones ambitions and aspirations. This level is also the hardest to attain and maintain. Many people do not reach this level in their entire lifetime, and those that do usually have at least an unsteady time maintaining this. This level is what all people usually strive for in life.

Esteem Needs

This level In Maslow's theory consists of knowing ones self worth. This level is about having a healthy self respect and feeling of importance. It is the "road" or at least a closer step to the Highest level in the theory. with this level one can feel their importance in comparison to the rest of the world. Many have and can achieve this level, and usually ( with a good level maturity) maintain this level without tragic or sudden interference in ones life.

Love and Belonging

This level is a natural and strong driving force in any individual's life. It is the feeling of companionship and belonging in a family or friend group. This level is an important part of most everyone's life. This level is the feeling of being loved and accepted with others. It involves the natural drive and basic need of human interaction that all people are born with. This level can be hard to maintain with introverted individuals, but for many it comes as second nature.


This is one of the most basic and instinctual levels. This level consists of the natural search for a sense of safety. The feeling to feel safe is a natural instinct in all animals. This feeling can be derived from shelter, to religion or knowledge. This Level can be easily maintained as long as an individual is capable of taking care of themselves.

Physiological Needs

This is the most basic level of Maslow's theory. This level consists of the basic instincts for food, water, shelter, air, warmth, sex, and sleep. These instincts are the driving force for all life, including humans. This level is the most important of all levels. These are the instincts needed to survive, and thrive as a species. This level should be the easiest to maintain as long as an individual can take care of itself. If this level is not maintained then the individual faces death.