Montessori at MVM Thursday 5/12/16

Deepening Our Collective Understanding

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Dear MVM Families,

The focus of this newsletter is on our drama program and some of our alumni and where there are these days. We know there are many, many more graduates from our program that we haven't featured here. We'd love to hear about these MVM alums! If you'd like, please post a comment in the box at the bottom of the newsletter and let us know where former MVM students are in their lives!

Enjoy learning more about our drama program and see how students who participated in drama while at MVM truly are able to take lead roles in high school and beyond.

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Tribute to Drama

We received this letter last month:

...Last Wednesday, I got to go with the Upper Elementary and the Middle School to see Urbana High’s production of “Beauty and the Beast.” Seeing so many former MVMS kids on stage and filling the tech booth reminded me that, here at the end of a many year run with MVMS drama, I wanted to express my deep gratitude to all involved.

I’ve seen the drama program take several different forms--all terrific!, but its current incarnation helps our school truly shine. Ms. Shannon--with the help of Ms. Julie Hayn and a host of parent volunteers--has created a drama program where the students are in charge.

Sure, the adults choose the shows and set the schedule, but otherwise we are there to guide the children. They are allowed to make mistakes, to put off learning their lines until the last minute--and then they are held accountable. Our drama students are learning time management and teamwork even as they are learning to act, to run a light board, to manage a backstage crew.

As MVMS is a school with no sports programs, drama gives our kids a way to connect with their new high schools. Even if they don’t plan on becoming “drama geeks,” they know they have something extracurricular they can do, something they have even more experience with than the other freshmen.

No other elementary or middle schools have a theater like ours--lights, sound, effects, the costume closet of any director’s dreams! Our drama students learn how to use those things and they can join a high school drama department with confidence.

When you see one of those terrific plays, you can see that the kids are learning to speak in public, to sing in front of an audience, to memorize text, but I wanted to be sure everyone knew how much richer it really is, and how lucky I’ve been to be a part of it.

Deana Greenberg

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Many former MVM students participate in Urbana High School's Drama program. In the most recent show, "Beauty and the Beast", the Beast was played by Connor Cochran (brother Quinn still attends MVM). Other MVM graduates, Carter Mitchell, Sam Trapp, and Max Eubinag, held roles as well.

Behind the scenes, the tech crew is made up largely of MVM graduates: Cody Bridges, Ben Coyne, Nick Schaffer, Noah Rood, Ben Greenberg, Audrey Hayn).

At TJHS, MVM graduates also take center stage in the Arts. River Furlow (senior) has been on tech crew for four years and is co-head of tech this year. Julie Beard and Emily Loeken (freshmen) both starred in TJ's "Aida". Aspen Furlow (freshman) played the guitar in the pit orchestra.
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At Oakdale High School, MVM alum Zephyr Henderson has starred in many drama productions. Zephyr, whose mom (and UE teacher Zoe Alexandratos) did his make-up in the above photo, played the role of the rabbi in OHS's Fiddler on the Roof. He was also recently cast by Rockville Musical Theater in Rent this summer.

College Students...

We would love to know where all of our MVM grads end up and hope to do some research to find this out in the years to come.

Here are some MVM grads who make us proud:

Albert Coyne- Ohio State University, Majoring in Theater

Krista Hastings- Boston Conservatory, Full Scholarship, Majoring in Voice

Juliana Lynch-Participate in Several Urbana productions, Show Choir

Connor Cochran-Emory University, Majoring in Music

River Furlow-Hood College

Nikki Zimmerman & Alana Henson: Barbara Ingram School for the Arts