Weekly Tech News

May 5, 2017

Tech Team Update: Looking Towards Next Year

The tech team is starting to plan for next school year. Each member has indicated that they would like to continue with the team next year. I find this to be really admirable given the recess time that they sacrifice. The team presented ideas for a student run help desk this week, and we all hope to implement them in some fashion next year. Team members will begin creating tasks for students that would like to join the tech team next school year. They are all very excited to take ownership of their team by playing a role in the selection process.

Code.org Pilot: Week 2

Some Tech Tips...

A few items that came up while working with students this week:

Important Tech Events




12th: Canvascon @ IUPUI

13th: i2 Conference Day 1 @ DeKalb High School

14th: i2 Conference Day 2 @ DeKalb High School