Stop Eating Disorders Now

Made By: Emma Hennessey

Eating Disorders

There are so many Eating Disorders, all of which are unhealthy for us all. We are too worried about our weight and appearances, and it is affecting our health in so many ways. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, please talk to a doctor, therapist, counselor, friend, or parent, before it becomes too late. No one is perfect, so don't over do a "diet". Eating Disorders only make you look sick, ill, and weak. Spread the word, and help us become EATING DISORDER FREE!!

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Eating Disorder Help

Types of Eating Disorders & Warning Signs

Two types of Eating Disorders include anorexia and bulimia. Anorexia is when someone starves themselves to lost major weight. During this habit, you become so skinny that you look sick. Bulimia is when you make yourself throw-up whatever food you intake. This usually occurs after each meal.

Some warning signs that someone might have an eating disorder:

  • excessive weight loss (really skinny)
  • seeing yourself in the mirror and seeming disordered
  • seeming depressed and sad often