Demo Plan: Teacher's Assistant

Nabiha Rasool @ Sherwood Mills Public School

Possible Dates:

Tuesday June 9th | Wednesday June 10th

Time of Demo: 1:30-1:50pm

Description of Activity: Teaching A Math Lesson (Probability)

Multiple skills are used when teaching a lesson in a grade 5 class. Communication and patience are especially useful in this situation. This demonstration will showcase the essential skills used to engage and teach a class that I have learned throughout this semester.


I have chosen to do an activity about probability because it is an important skill that the grade 5 students need for their future. It is important that each student gets the basic knowledge that he or she needs to succeed as they move on in their education.

This activity will focus on ensuring that students know the correct terminology in the probability unit. In addition, the activity will allow students to think about how these terms can be applied to everyday examples.

Details of the Activity

1) A horizontal line will be drawn on the board with 4 vertical lines running through it. One line will be labelled "unlikely".

2) Students must label the other 3 vertical lines. (Words used should be: certain, likely, and impossible)

3) Students will be given 1 slip of paper with a real-life example or numerical example on it.

4) Students will be given 1 blank slip of paper. If they were given a real-life example, they will come up with a numerical example to write on their blank paper (and vice versa)

5) Students will decide where each slip of paper goes on the line.

6) Some sentences will be discussed as a class to gain further understanding into the concept of probability.

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Required Preparation Materials


1) Paper

2) Printer

3) Scissors

Special Instructions from Co-op Teacher: None

Approved (Time, Date, & Activity)

Yes | No

Placement Supervisor's Signature: