SCHS Counseling Connections

Volume 10 - May 2020

General Information

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure you are still checking your emails and following up with your teachers.

  • Our last day of school is back to the original date of May 21st. (We no longer have to make up snow days)

  • As a reminder that we are at 4 day learning week.

A Days will be on Mondays and Wednesdays.

B Days will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Fridays will be used for independent student work, direct student contact, meetings and virtual professional development for staff.

Periods 1 & 2: 9:30 am - 10:15 am

Periods 3 & 4: 10:15 am - 11:00 am

Periods 6 & 7: 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm

Periods 8 & 9: 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm

  • As a reminder to all the parents & students, we have the "hold harmless" clause, which is as follows, if students complete 'minimum requirements' for engaging with virtual learning and completing activities/assignments at least 75% of the time, the "hold harmless" clause will go into effect. Since letter grades and percentages will continue to be given at the high school level, then the semester grade for a student cannot be lower than the 3rd quarter, "hold harmless" grade, but assignments could improve the overall grade. The "hold harmless" clause does not pertain to Advanced Placement or Dual/College Credit courses. Advanced Placement and Dual/College Credit courses will follow the guidelines of their respective University. For more information on grading, go to Parent Presentation for Extended Closure Expectations

  • Please see the below letter from Dr.Sefrit with more information.

Computer Repair Process

Please complete the Computer Repair form located HERE. Our tech will reach out and arrange for a time to drop off and ultimately pick up your computer. We will do this "curbside" so you will not need to leave your car in alignment with social distancing guidelines. Thank you in advance.

ACT Update Informtation

ACT Update:

As of now, the ACT still plans to keep the June test date, but the TEST WILL NOT BE HELD at SCHS in June. If you are interested in taking the June ACT, you will have to choose a different location that is open. (To find other locations click HERE)

ACT is currently stating that they should know by May 22nd if the test will be canceled or not. Please monitor the ACT website,, for COVID-19 updates.

Virtual College Exploration: Extended Until May 8th!

This is a great opportunity for junior students. Also, school counselors may now sign up for the sessions! Students can sign up at: This event will have 96 panel presentations. 300+ institutions will be participating that include over 360 college reps sharing their knowledge and expertise. It’s a great opportunity for our students and all school counselors!!

Student Check In Form

Just because we aren't together in the building doesn't mean we aren't still here for you when you need us. This is a scary and difficult time for all of us, and we want to know how you are doing. Just like at school, you can sign up to connect with a counselor. Please use the attached form to connect when needed. A counselor should get back to you Mon-Friday 9-11:30 and 12:30-3:30.

Senior - Class of 2020 Information

End of Year Senior Survey

End of Year Senior Information Form

Each year the State of Missouri requires all High Schools to report seniors plans following graduation. Please fill out the information below as accurately as possible by Friday, May 8th. Thank you

Senior Information

  • The Graduation date for SCHS has been moved. SCHS will graduate on July 25th and graduation will take place at SCHS, as of right now. This date now gives us time to plan for the best possible graduation we can have under these uncertain times. We will share specific details on logistics as soon as possible.

  • Caps, Gowns, and Announcements for our Seniors will be available for curb-side pick up on Tuesday, May 5th from 11 am to 2 pm. Jostens will set up under our main entrance and will follow all safety guidelines and protocols. They will be wearing gloves and masks to protect themselves as well as our students and parents. Students and parents will be able to drive into the parking lot, write their (student) name on a piece of paper, show it in the window, pop their trunk, Jostens will load their order and then you can drive away.

  • Senior Yard Signs are here. We would love to see pictures of our Seniors with his/her sign on social media on Facebook @schscounselingdepartment and twitter @guidance_schs

  • During the week of May 18th and May 25th each Senior will have their Senior picture displayed on the rotating electronic billboard sign at the intersection of Highway 94 and Interstate 70. The district is very excited to have all of our Seniors celebrated in this special way. Thank you Dr. Sefrit and the rest of our Central Office Administrative team for making this happen for all Seniors in the district. If you DO NOT WANT your child to be part of this celebration display, please click here and fill out the form ONLY if you need to choose to opt out of the billboard celebration. We want all to be comfortable with this celebration display.

  • We will light up the football field on Thursday, May 28th (the original date of our graduation) at 8:20 pm for 20 minutes to show our support, pride and love for our Seniors. We will be asking everyone to stay out/off of the stadium/field and adhere to social distancing guidelines. Hopefully, our Seniors and their parents will be able to drive by and enjoy the lights being on in honor of our Seniors.

  • We are still working on plans to virtually celebrate our Senior Awards Night. Once we have a plan in place, we will share it with everyone.

  • Support Group for 2020 High School Seniors Grieving the loss of senior year due to COVID-19 : FREE Zoom meetings with West County Psychological Associates. See website HERE for more information and how to register for a session.

  • The Department of Higher Education has created a resource page for Seniors.

    There you will find information about:

    • Missouri Job Center
    • State Financial Aid
    • Federal Student Aid
    • College/University Info
    • Plus Many more resources

    Click HERE for the website

  • Seniors needing their college transcripts for dual credit courses they took while at SCHS will need to request those from the website of the college in which the dual credit was received. Students who are finishing a current dual credit course should be able to select to hold the transcript until final grades are received.

St.Charles County Support Group Resources

COVID-19 Resources around St.Charles

The St.Charles Community Counsel has a list of COVID-19 resources.

See website HERE for more details.

Breakfast & Lunch In A Bag

*Pick-up will be 2 days a week (Tuesday and Friday). Families will pick up meals (breakfast and lunch) for 3 days on Tuesday and for 4 days on Friday. This way students are getting meals for 7 days a week and families will only have to pick up meals twice a week, instead of five days a week. The first “bulk” pick-up will be this Friday. Families will receive meals for 4 days.

*Pick-up will be at Jefferson Intermediate and Hardin Middle. The pick-up stations are on the same campuses as before, just in different spots. The Jefferson location is already up and running. To reach the Hardin location, please drive around Blackhurst & Hardin (use the back loop). The Hardin pick-up is on the east side of Hardin.

*New pick-up times will be 8:30-11:30 AM (starting April 7th). The later times (and longer time span) will hopefully be better for everyone as well.

Matthias' Lot Church (636-388-8242) is also continuing to deliver meals to families that need assistance.

FREE/Discounted Temporary Internet Options

Through This School Closure, some places are offering Free/Discounted internet options.

See below document for all the different options for help with internet.

SCHS Counseling Crew

Julie Basler: A-F Counselor -

Brad Bichel: G-O Counselor -

Sarah Scaturro: P-Z Counselor -

Jordan Roche: Crisis Counselor -

Dawn Tranen: Social Worker -

Amy Robertson: Registrar -

Sharon Stewart: Secretary -