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Hello Washington! We would like to introduce you to our school’s first official newspaper. This newspaper is currently being created and edited by second grader, Eli Marble, and fifth graders Sophia Kirklewski and Bella Fiorentini. Your principal, Mr. Russell, will also be helping and editing. We hope you enjoy reading this newspaper as an update and for entertainment. If you enjoy it, please show your support and we can make this newspaper enjoyable and ideal for all Washington students!

Timberwolf Trot: Another Success

Every year, Washington holds a day for all students and staff to take a break from learning and have fun with new experiences they are interested in. This day, on April 28, was high interest day. At some point on this day, all grades participated in a fun run: the Timberwolf Trot. The Timberwolf Trot gives all students an opportunity to get some fresh air and get moving. It also is a fundraiser to help the PTA raise money to sponsor other fun events and field trips.

This year Mrs. Kannass’s class was in the lead with $3711.50. In second place was Mrs. Gonzales-Dobbe’s class with $3457, and in third place was Mr. Pinn’s class with $2386. Washington worked hard and skyrocketed past our goal of $17,000.00, raising more than 27 thousand dollars in pledges.

At the trot, an active high school student came to speak to the students about being active and healthy. Music was playing while students ran around the blacktop to beat the goal of one mile. While students weren’t running, they had fun activities all day. Overall, the day was fun and successful. Washington thanks all the presenters for making the day great.

What did you do During Spring Break?


37.7% stayed home

31.1% went out of the state

8.2% went out of the country

23% did something else

Highlight on French Fries

The Story of French Fries

The french fry’s history will probably be always unknown, but the french fry is probably either French or Belgian. This story of the fry is what some historians believe: In Belgium, it was common to fry up small fish for their base for their meals. But when the river would freeze, the supply of the fish was very limited. Instead, they would fry up potatoes the same way that they would to the fish. This was the side of the story for Belgium.

What Meal Would go Best with French Fries?


60.7% said hamburger

13.1% said steak

11.5% said hot dog or brat

3.3% said fish

11.5% said other

French Fry Recipe


What did the mayonnaise say when the refrigerator door was open?

Close the door! I'm dressing!

What do you call a shoe made out of a banana?

A slipper!

Why did the pony get detention?

Because he was horse-ing around!

Why did the teacher have to wear sunglasses to class?

Because her students were so bright!

What bus crossed the ocean?


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