British Army

Basic Salary

The basic salary for a new recruit is £13,895 a year

Salary Progression

Level 1 gets £17,265 all they way up to level 9 which gets £28,939

Working Hours & Shift Patterns

when soldiers are not on operations they work 9 till 5 from monday to friday

Holiday entitlement

You are entitled to 38 days pay leave.


this is where you are being deployed E.G. Afganistan searching for IED's

Basic trainning period

the basic training period is from 20 to 26 weeks

Additional training available

The adittional training available is 5 to 8 weeks

Fringe benefits

fringe benifts are things like heath, medical and life insurance.

Retirement Age

The retirement age for a military soldier is 32. It can vary depending on what role you do.

Pension Benefits

There are pension scheme depending on your role and rank