Content Mix Planning

Content Mix

Create An Effective Content Mix To Reap Maximum Benefits From Your Content Marketing Campaign

With your attention tripped in so many directions, it becomes difficult to define specific content requirements and goals for each content piece. You just get so busy in creating articles and blog posts that you barely think about how to strike the balance between information and entertainment.

Establishing a content mix is crucial to capture maximum benefits from your content marketing campaign. Typically, everyone thinks of achieving following benefits when publishing content:

Ø Attracting traffic

Ø Establishing readership

Ø Creating brand awareness

Ø Generating more leads

Ø Getting more sales

Ø Establishing yourself as an industry expert

Ø Earning trust

Ø Staying ahead in competition

Ø Connecting with users

Ø Engaging audience

And the list goes on.

But do you think a single piece of content can achieve all these objectives? No! It’s impossible.

Every piece of content is different and evokes different emotions. So, it is necessary to have different types of content in your arsenal to achieve these objectives.

And this is where content mix planning plays a crucial role.

Focusing on creating and publishing different types of content is more realistic and sustainable. And by doing this, you can leave your readers look for more. Publishing similar kinds of content again and again bores the readers and compels them to look for information somewhere else.

A right content mix strikes the balance and keeps the message aligned to the needs of audience.

How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Mix?

When creating an effective marketing mix, you need to take a few important factors into account:

Ø Nature of your business

Ø Your niche

Ø Needs and requirements of your audience

Ø Brand focus/ your end goals

Once you know what you want to achieve, identify the types of content that will help you fulfill them. Your content marketing mix may include:

Ø Articles

Ø Blog posts

Ø Product reviews

Ø Audio

Ø Video

Ø Infographics

Ø Tutorials

Ø Press release

Ø Presentations

Ø Podcasts

Ø Animations

Ø Cartoon drawings

Ø Stories

It’s not necessary to choose and make use of all types of content; rather you can choose a few content types and stick with them. Besides, decide the frequency for each content type.

For example, you can publish articles on daily basis and stories on weekly basis. You can churn out a video once in a month. Depending upon your resources and audience interests, you can decide on the most effective content mix.

Content Mix Timeline

Well, it’s not necessary to stick with just a few types of content throughout. As it is a continuous process, you should try out different content type and see how your audience reacts. Continue if it works or experiment with other content type.

When you identify a good content mix, it should show you steady growth. You will need to make adjustments if it doesn’t improve your online presence. However, growth can be anything for you such as, increase in traffic, improvement in brand image, increased sales or enhanced readership. It depends on what you aim to achieve.

So, take time in defining your content marketing mix, so that you can evoke desired response from your audience and achieve your goals.

Establishing a content mix is crucial to capture maximum benefits from your content marketing campaign. And this is where content mix planning plays a crucial role.