The Camden is Selling,Time to Move?

3 Solds, Less than 2 Days on Market, all Full Price or more!

3 bed 2.5 bath SOLD! $308,897

We listed this home at $299,950 and received two offers on this home the very first day it hit the market and negotiated a final price of $308,897.
Look at these photos! We take professional photos AT OUR EXPENSE, letting your home shine in its best light!

3 Solds, Your home can be next!

3 Solds, Full Price Offers or better on all 3. Less than 2 days on market for each home!
12069 Minor Way Sold full price in 2 days
4818 Pointes Dr Sold before the property even hit the market
4840 Pointes Dr Sold first day on market above ask price, multiple offers!

Rick A. Griffith

I am the hardest working real estate broker that you will find. I will not stop until I find the right buyer for your home and I am very good at doing so. Through my relationships with other local realtors and having a large network of buyers myself, I strive to get as many eyes on your home as possible, increasing your chance of attracting the right buyer. Call today to discuss how we can make your next move a seamless transition.