Get the skinny on Big Idea Mastermind & Why It Works

Big Idea Mastermind is a revolutionary new marketing system that was recently released in March 2013. The system was created by Vick Stizheus, who is ranked #7 in the world in Internet Marketing.

Vick tested the system and within 30 days had generated $710,000, how awesome is that. To clarify this is not typical of anyone new to internet marketing, however it does indicate that this system does work.

He created this system and combined it with the hottest on line marketing company , Empower Network. Why did he choose Empower Network over many others? Here's why:

1. 100% Commissions
2. Great Products
3. Great Leadership
When we marry that with Big Idea Mastermind, we’ll be UNSTOPPABLE and make a big dent in the industry.

The key to making money with Empower viz the Big Idea Mastermind System is positioning. This means what level inside Empower you enter. There are 5 levels within the Empower Network and the levels inside BIM correspond with them.

Basic level is $25to join and monthly recurring payment and gives you the viral blogging system, however to be able to promote Empower you must become an affiliate for $19.95/month.You also receive the BIM marketing system FREE (market value of $5000)
Inner circle is the next level which corresponds to Silver level in BIM.
Costa Rica Intensive is the next level =Gold level in BIM.
15K Formula = Platinum in BIM. and last but the best position is
Masters Retreat which is the Diamonds level in BIM. Each increasing level brings you higher commissions and more extensive training not only in Empower Network but Big Idea Mastermind.
So the objective is to get to the highest level as quickly as possible.

Ordinary people are having extraordinary results.

If you want to increase your monthly income or you just want your life back, enjoying more time with your family, children and friends. You want to travel and enjoy more of what life has to offer you really should checkout Big Idea Mastermind.

It's the best system around and is changing lives daily!

Big Idea Mastermind explained by Vick Strizheus
Vick's Big Idea Mastermind - The Plan!