Teen Issues


Suicide is the second leading cause of death in teens.

Every day about 5,400 teens attempt to commit suicide.

1 in every 6 people have thought about suicide. 1 in 12 have have attempted suicide.

Signs and Causes of Being Suicidal


Statements about feeling worthless, hopeless, or helpless.


Final arrangements such as giving away prized possessions.

Out of character behavior

Self destructive behavior

Loss in interest of things usually enjoyed




Mental illness

Bad home environment

Lack of people caring about them in school

Self Harm

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-Teen was bullied online and tried to kill herself

-Online bullying that everyone can see can make someone feel attacked

Government Resource


-24/7 confidential talk with a professional counselor

-Can refer you to a crisis center near you

-find support groups for you

-just a person to talk to when you feel like hurting yourself



-1 in 6 have thought about committing suicide

-1 in 12 have attempted committing suicide

-Rising stress levels in teens is a factor because the brain isn't as good at making decisions under pressure.

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-School can be very hard for teens especially if they don't fit in

-A 17 year old girl in Japan was bullied since elementary school

-September 1 is the day the most suicides in Japan occur.

Advocacy Group

Jason's Foundation.

-Outreach program to help kids feel needed

-Have many programs across the U.S.

Something we can do to reduce suicides:

We can have in schools suicide prevention week, and talk more about the topic. Red ribbon week for drug use prevention has been overall effective, so if schools had a similar program implemented, I believe that suicide rates could decrease in future years.