Child Psychologist

By: Amber Dalton

Definition of a child psychologist

A child psychologist specializes in a field that involves the basic principles of clinical psychology combined with child, adolescent and family development and developmental psychopathology. A child psychologist looks at how social structures, such as families or schools, affect psychological, cognitive and behavioral adaption and functioning.

Duties and Responsibilities of a child psychologist

  • Assessment and diagnosis of developmental disorders
  • Treat learning delays or psychological disorders
  • Administer personality or other psychological tests
  • Help children and adolescents dealing with social and family-related problems

Education and licenses Required

Doctoral degree -- either a PhD in psychology or a Psy. D -- that includes coursework in child and adolescent psychology. Also they may need to complete a one-year internship providing direct services to children in a mental health or related setting. The licenses vary upon the state you are in.

Expected Salary

The median annual salary for clinical, counseling and school psychologists was $67,880

The median annual salary for psychologists across all areas of specialization was $90,010