Thomas Jefferson

Hailey Jeffries

When Thomas Jefferson born and died

"On April 13,1743 a baby boy named Thomas Jefferson was born". " Thomas Jefferson died on July 4,1826 (Independence day) in Monticello". " Thomas didn't have a middle name!"Shocking! "Thomas died of unknown causes."

Thomas Jefferson Childhood and social life

"Jefferson's father died in 1757 when he was 14 years old". "He was a good writer so, he wrote letters to people to help the nation be free". "One of Thomas Jefferson's memory about his childhood is when he was three years old on a fifty mile horseback ride". "When Thomas was nine he began his formal studies". "In 1760 Thomas enrolled in college at William and Mary and was taking classes in science, mathematics, rhetoric, philosophy,and Literature".

More things you might know or maybe not know about Thomas Jefferson

More stuff about Thomas Jefferson's life.

"Thomas Jefferson was also know for sending Lewis and Clark to explore the territory acquired in the Louisiana Purchase". "Thomas Jefferson was one of the Founding Fathers of the US". "Jefferson was 83 when he became President of the United States of America".

Thomas Jefferson and things he said or did in his life

"Jefferson wanted the 13 colonies to be a nation". "Thomas was the 3rd US President". "Thomas was also famous for writing the Declaration or Independence". "He was elected President in 1800"." Jefferson succeeded Benjamin Franklin as minister to France in 1785". "Thomas was a spokesman for democracy". "Thomas's parents were wealthy landowners". "A quote from the man himself "The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the constitution."