San Miguel Arcangel

By Andrea Martinez

Mission History

Mission San Miguel Arcangel was built in 1797. The mission is the 16th out of 21. The Indian tribe that built it was the Salina tribe. The founder of the mission was father Fray Lasuen. August 1799 Fray Sijtar left the mission to San Antonio. August 25 1806 the fire burned two rows of the mission roof . October 2 1814, Fray Cabot batmized 22 Yokuts. December 14 1814, the Indians built a new church at the mission. In 1846 the mission was sold to 2 men . In 1848 the men found gold at the mission. The location is Indian Valley.

Daily Life at Mission

The people that lived at the mission were the Salina Indians and father Lausen. The Salina did the chores . The kind of chores that needed to be done were the cleaning , the growing of the fields, the hunting , and the gathering. The crops that were grown were corn, peas, beans, and barley. At the mission there was two churches. The Indians did have free time.

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Mission Today

The mission is not open because of nature disasters . There is field trips. There is a church of San Miguel Arcangel. There is an museum of the mission.


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