Five Stunning Photos

Hope Taques, Multimedia Journalism 1

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Alter Your Perspective

"Downtown was always one of my favorite places to be," smiles the 15 year old once- homeless boy, Jamie Bryan, who was left on the streets of downtown Chicago just two years prior to this interview, while on a family outing. "so I guess I am kind of lucky to be here." Jamie since then has found a foster family and continues to live downtown with his family and is back in school. "I am grateful to have found such wonderful people in such a great city and to have found such an inspiring hobby as photography."
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Looking Within The Frame

Four year old Noah Taques and twenty-five year old Carlos Taques celebrate another year of life, together. "It is so beautiful to share such a great day with my son, and to always know that I have him right by my side." The two share a birthday, and as Carlos says, "June 12th, I received the best birthday gift ever."
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Shoot Candidly

This national siblings day fifteen year old Emily Elizabeth shared her appreciation of her five year old sister by spending an entire day by her side. "I think today, I learned that I should appreciate and spend more time with my sister. Being a sibling is a beautiful thing that I would never change."
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Focus on One Body Part

Three year old pit-bull, mastiff mix, Rok is being kept in the house in a nearby suburb. Since the dog influenza outbreak, the Taques household has been taking serious precautions in order to protect their beloved pets.
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Break Rules of Composition

Eight month old Izabella Baez plays with her toys as a happy healthy baby after her premature birth back in late 2014. Bella, as her parents like to call her, was their miracle baby after her mother, Nicki Baez's breast cancer went into remission. "Everyday I thank god for my second chance at life, and for my sweet little Bella-boo."