I.R Presentation

By:Bennett Olson

I Read The Book Bat Boy


It is every baseball kid’s dream summer job: bat boy for your hometown Major League team. Yet for fourteen year- old Brian, the job means more than just the chance to hang around his idols. Baseball was the job his father loved so much, in the end he couldn't leave it. Yet he could leave his family. Now Brian sees the job as the way to win back his father.

There is no winning back some people, though. Just ask Hank Bishop—once the most popular player in baseball before he was banned for using steroids. Now he is making his comeback. And an unlikely friendship slowly develops between this man in need of a family and this boy in need of a father.

Mike Lupica, king of the sports novel, delivers his most powerful and kid-friendly to date.

What is a bat boy?




noun: bat-boy

  1. 1.

    a boy who is employed to look after and retrieve bats during a baseball game and as a general assistant at other times


These are some examples of how the author used characterization.

"Brian's face was so red it looked like a tomato."

"Hank was so mad that there was steam coming out of his ears."

These are some examples of how the author used characterization.


The theme was to never give up and here are some examples why.

Hank kept swinging for hours, but he wouldn't give up until he made contact.

Brian didn't quit, even though he wanted too he didn't.

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The author, Mike Lupica, used some great dialogue.

In this example the two characters talking are Brian and Hank.

"I'm done," said Brian

"No you're not," Hank said loudly,"Now go fill up that sucker."

I chose this part because it goes along with the theme (to never give up).

Figurative language

Figurative Language is what keep the story interesting in my opinion.

Here are some examples.

The ball explodes off the bat like fireworks on the fourth of July.

He was racing to finish the last chapter of his book .

His face was so red it looked like a tomato.

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The End

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