Poetry One Pager by: Chauncey McGriff

Power to the people!

Civil rights, freedom, angles, hope, historic. These are 5 words from Gloria Larry House's poem Selma. These words tell that the marchers in the civil rights movement had hope that a day would come where blacks and whites were looked at as equals.

I'd rather die

"Before i'd be a slave i'd be buried in my grave...". People would rather die than being slaved and treated like animals, that's how much this movement meant to people.

Poetic device

In this poem Gloria Larry House uses imagery to make the readers feel like they're in that place at that time. Example: "Touch the dripping bush, break a leaf and smell the pungency of green".

Theme statement

The marchers in the poem Selma by Gloria Larry House are marching for civil rights, to be looked at like a person and they won't stop until they get the rights they deserve and be treated fairly no matter what might happen.