Skrnich Stories Weekly

America defeats North Korea in war.

America steals Seoul from communist forces.

September 15th, 1950 American soldiers were led into battle by the brilliant General MacArthur. It was early morning when American soldiers and South Korean soldiers arrived near Inchon. Ships had attacked each other, bombs exploding everywhere. The battle lasted for what seemed like an eternity. Ships were being destroyed, the air was ringing. After so long, the Americans and South Koreans had crossed Inchon.Three hundred ships and seven- thousand men has arrived on shore. The men started to get in position near and got prepared for a surprise attack, something North Korea hadn't been prepared for. The battle was bloody and lasted for days. On September 26th, the North Koreans surrendered and gave the victory to America and South Korea. The remaining soldiers trudged on, on their way to red beach for yet another battle.

Preparation For The War

Although the battle had lasted several days, it took even longer to prepare. Preparations started months and months before the battle. War strategies and tactics were being planned out. Air crafts were being sent out to North Korea to map out the land. Every part of the land was mapped out. The ships started to leave for Korea on June 19th. A telegram was sent out to the president on September 6th that is reassuring that General MacArthur was positive that the battle would be successful. After eighty eight days of being on a boat, they finally made it to the shore.


  • On October 14th, the Charleston Blue jays had beaten the Perryville Pirates. Charleston had made a touch-down in the last two- minutes of the game.
  • The Central High Tigers had beaten the Caruthersville Tigers.
  • The Sikeston High Bulldogs had won a game against Kennet High.
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