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hiding in paint

causing wrist drop

and making people (painters) pale and sick

how is lead being used and why is it important?

lead is used in things like radiation shields in x-ray equipment, and nuclear reactor. it was once often used as preservatives for foods and drinks and pesticides. It is important because it is used in batteries and protects us from radiation.


Lead is a soft, malleable, Metallic lead is bluish-white after being cut, but it soon changes into a grayish color when it is exposed to air. It also has a shiny chrome silver shine when it is melted into a liquid. It's atomic number is 82 and its atomic mass is 207.2 and it is a metal and it looks very shiny like silver when in room temperature but if it's left out in oxygen it will turn white like chalk.
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Lead is a element that belongs to the carbon group and has an atomic number of 82. Another name for lead is plumbum which is a Latin term for


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arresting offficer

Unfortunately, no one knows who discovered lead. Lead has been known to many different civilizations throughout history. There is evidence that the first lead smelting (extracting lead from its ore) was done about 9,000 years ago. The oldest artifact that contains lead is dated at 3800 BC.

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lead was found in archeological digs dating over 5000 years ago which means that people knew how to refine it before the pyriamid in Egypt were built.
IT was probably discovered by accident when people built in a very hot fire for cooking and it melted the lead that was in the rocks.

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Lead can be found in all parts of our environment – the air, the soil, the water, and even inside our homes.
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known associates

The elements hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, fluorine, chlorine, and bromine. If you keep lead outside with oxygen or (air) it will turn white like chalk and it will still be hard. a chemical reaction equation of reactants is 2Pb(s)+02(g)»»2Pb0(s).

warning lable

Warning, if lead is put in your mouth it can be dangerous it is called lead poisoning it can go into your blood stream that can lead to nerve disorders, high blood pressure, and muscle and joint pain. It can cause problems with memory, concentration, digestion, and reproduction.
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