Thomas Jefferson Vs. John Adoms

Thomas Jefferson


Thomas Jefferson belived that France should be an allie. france would make a great allie because they just saved us from the British taxs.If they didnt come to us in our time of need then we would still be taxed. The French are going through what we did. It would be the right thing to do to help them in there time of need. They helped us now lets return the favor. If we went back to English then we would most likely be taxed agian. we all know how we do with tax.

Ruled by the people

Jefferson belived that the common people should present the country. this mike encourage the people to rise to the occasion. This might encourage the people to present there fellow AmariCANs to gain the courage to master this great task for this country. we the people wrote the constatution therefor we present the people. we sould make an inprint on the new born country for the rest of its life.

States rights

there should be more states rights for the country. We just created this there is no reson that we sould divid it. The strong government will tax us on the det of amrica. I think we all know how we deal with tax . We just got out of a war with england for on word. TAX. iWe have rebeled enough. Its time stop say why and start saying why not. we won our right we so strongly fought for. Its time wher put the guns up and put the crops/livestock/ and live life to its fullest.