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Tech Tips & Tricks with Shantel - Vol. 1

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Professional Communication

Here are some tips & tricks about communicating with parents from out Specialist Collaborative.

"As we head into the new school year, it's important to remember that professionalism is our brand." Professional Communication Flyer

Upcoming Training Dates

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Setting Schoology Co-Teacher Permissions

Teachers of record now have the ability to define what a co-teacher in a class has the ability to view and access. This means that an SF could have the ability to view materials in the course but not grades in the course. Permissions are up to the teacher of record to set. Please see directions here and learn more about this feature.

Apps for Chromebooks: Google Keep

Google Keep uses a virtual sticky note user interface that everyone is familiar with to store any important information. Each virtual sticky note has a variety of options to customize your note. Some awesome and practical features include:

  • check boxes
  • add pictures
  • add recordings
  • add drawings
  • share notes with collaborators
  • color coding
  • send your notes to Google Docs and many other apps
  • organize your notes by color, category, and tag
  • pin most important notes to keep them at the top using the app is easy.

Google Keep is free and easy to use for KISD employees and students alike!


REMINDER: Start of School Year Tech Information

Just a friendly reminder to look through the Beginning of School technology checklist for important information. Feel free to email me or stop by Library Office 2 or Room 214 if you have any questions.

Helpful Tech Guides and Information

  • Look for weekly Hildebrandt Hub which will provide information about technology tips and upcoming trainings.

  • KleinLearns365 - easy access to helpful guides, videos, tutorials, textbooks, digital resources, web tools, applications, and more

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Shantel Lott

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