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Mary C. Howse Elementary School

From the Principal

Dear MCH Parents:

With the holiday break coming up, I wanted to take this time to wish you all a very relaxing holiday with your family and friends. Whatever you celebrate, please enjoy the interaction, traditions and travel safely if you are doing so.

I do feel so very blessed to be here each and every day - we recognize that you are sending your most precious commodity to us - you are entrusting them to us to feel safe and secure while learning is a fun filled, relaxing environment.

We enjoyed the winter concert and seeing so many supportive family members - I have to say - it was amazing to see such a captive and respectful audience. We know how hard this can be, especially with little ones and the seating arrangement is not always optimal! Thank you to our PTO and volunteers in our holiday shop - it is so much fun to see how excited our kids get to buy things for their parents, grandparents and even their siblings!

Rest up and get ready for 2020! Cannot believe I am saying that year!

Dr. Cat

Announcements and Reminders

Date - Event

December 20th - Last day of school before break

December 23 until January 1st - No school

January 2nd - school reopens

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Welcome to our newest students from the North Star Foundation. Jasmine and Tesla are being socialized with Mrs. McGeehin and Mrs. Skalski and the MCH family and eventually will work with children with special needs. Tesla will go work with a girl in the Washington DC area and Jasmine will work with a girl in Washington State.


The theme for MCH this yr. is ONE WORLD ONE SCHOOL.

MCH would like to re-create a project from a few yrs. ago showing the places in the world our school community represents. (Last time we were able to identify that MCH students represent 65 different countries.)

This is a way for student to connect with others and show their heratage

If you would like to participate please fill out the information below. Just your student’s name and the country you are from or your family is from.

This can be done electronically or on the YELLOW paper your child has brought home.

Please return all information to Ms. Noone by December 18th


ONE WORLD- ONE SCHOOL Mary C. Howse Bulletin Board

Family Name_________________________________________ (Example -Noone)

Country we came from- or our family came from_____________________________(Example- England)

Any other family ties to any country______________________________________________

Please return to the office by 12/18/19


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Henderson High School Dance Team

Dance Party Workshop!

Sunday, January 26, 2020 at Henderson High School
12:30 to 5:00 PM
Henderson High School Gymnasium


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After School Sports are in full swing for the 2019-2020 school year. This program is open to any interested 4th and 5th grade student. Sports meet every Tuesday for girls, Thursday for boys, and ends at 5:00. We have just finished the soccer session. We will be moving on to field hockey for girls and flag football for boys. It is not too late to sign up. If interested please have your child stop by the gym and pick up an information packet and permission form. Any questions please contact rmonte@wcasd.net


Good evening, Miss Leary!

I just wanted to let you know that I forgot to tell you how happy our son is to be in your class this year! (There was so much to cover in 20 minutes!) He's very happy and always has kind things to say!

Thank you for all the help you provide to him the class, MCH is very lucky to have you!

Have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the hard earned break!

Dr. Cat,

Thanks for providing the opportunity to visit kids in the classroom . I m glad to be part of today’s reading and writing session at Ms.Cloutman’s class. It was wonderful to see kids in action and certainly Ms. Cloutman puts lots of efforts.

Thanks Ms. Cloutman and Dr. Cat

Wow, this is so much more than I’d hoped to receive. Thank you so much, Dr. Stanton. This information is incredibly helpful.

The entire MCH team supporting both my children are just the most amazing, knowledgeable and caring people. I am incredibly grateful for each person’s contribution and efforts. The work you do is so important. And, I’m quite certain that you do not hear nearly enough how very much you are appreciated so, again, thank you!

Anytime you feel like sending us some good news, please do so! With the world so full of negativity in the news, we cannot get enough of the good stuff!!!

Parent Portal

Use the link below to access the parent portal page:


On the page, there is written documentation (English and Spanish,) as well as videos (English only) that walk parents through how to set up your parent portal account, how to access grades and set alerts, how to view the online report card, how to check attendance, etc. There is even an app for your phone if you prefer.

Please call the office for your child’s user name and password if you do not have the information that was provided to you at the beginning of the school year.

Keeping in Touch

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Parent Resources

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Articles to consider:

Children and Anxiety - what to look for and not everyone has it


Standards Based Reporting v Grades?


Our Mary C. Howse School Pledge

I pledge

To be the best that I can be

Respect myself and others

Make safe choices

And take responsibility

For my learning and behavior