Become a Youth Program Coordinator

Exciting Part-time Work

If you are interested in personally promoting the growth of international understanding and worldwide friendships, love kids, have strong ties to your community, are self- motivated, organized and energetic then this is the perfect part-time job for you!

Our Summer Program: 17 students, ages 13-17 from China will reside in your community with volunteer host families from July 9th to 23rd. Youth Program Coordinators will be responsible for the following:

  • Recruit VOLUNTEER Host Families for the students and escorts between now and June.
  • Attend local workshops.
  • Plan and supervise 2 full day + 4 half-day activities, airport transfers and welcome and farewell parties.
  • Be available to all participants during the program in case of an emergency.

Please send your resume along with a statement explaining why you are interested in this position and why you think you would be successful. In addition list at least five places where you would begin your host family recruiting.

Contact Debbie at 720-417-1372 or for more information!

Compass USA YPC

Compass USA

Compass USA started promoting programs that build intercultural understanding in 2000. Our homestay program helps foster strong leadership skills and English language acquisition. Our staff works as a team to provide quality programs throughout the country. Compass USA homestay and cultural experiences surpass typical vacations or tours. Participants learn to look beyond language, color and customs to discover the true character of others: a process that Compass USA believes will bring people of the world closer together one student at a time.