Carbon Emissions Press Conference

By Hannah

When and Where?

The Climate Change Conference took place in Paris, France. The Conference was on November 30th, 2015. The conference has been known as The COP21 Conference.

Who was at the Conference?

Many world leaders were there, including Barack Obama and Xi Jinping. The UN was there, and they were hoping to make a deal to cut carbon pollution. Delegates from 195 Countries were also there. There was lots of citizens attending, and there was lots of security.

What was the Conference about?

The COP21 Conference was about cutting the use of fossil fuels that are polluting the atmosphere. The World leaders discussed the change in climate, and what we can do to stop it. They plan to reduce carbon emissions significantly by 2020.

How does this connect to Social Studies?

We've learned in our utopia/dystopia unit that climate change can be a big problem. Our class cut that problem short by writing into the constitution that we respected wildlife and that we'd have minimal pollution.