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Three topics about walruses

Chewing The Facts About Walruses

A Walrus is one fat animal but the blubber is how they survive well, that, and their tusks. Walruses use there ivory tusks to pull there big body onto the ice. Walruses also use their tusks for fighting each other. The tusks on a walrus start to grow when they're only 4 months old and keep growing until they die. Walrus's blubber takes up 1/3 of there body.

There Are Two Kinds

The two subspecies of a walrus are the Pacific and Atlantic walrus. The Atlantic walrus lives around Canada and Greenland. The Pacific walrus lives around the northern seas of Russia and Alaska. Both subspecies have there calf's (a baby walrus) around spring migration to the north.

The Hunting Of Walruses

Hunting walruses is illegal for every one except for Native Americans. They can hunt this animal. The first reasons Native Americans hunt walruses is they use the skin for making shelter and to keep them warm. The second reason they hunt this animal is they take all the oils from the blubber to use to cook food in (its like us using a deep fryer with canola oil). And the last reason they hunt walruses is so they have food. They use the tusk and bones for making tools and weapons.
So in in the end this article is about hunting walruses, the two kinds of walruses, and just plain old facts about walruses. But the reason I wrote this page about the walruses is because I wanted you to now this about them. The a nother reason i wanted you to know about walruses is because I think there one magnificent animal