By: Gary Paulsen

Scene Summary

Brian Robeson a 13 year old boy from New York. Gets on a plane to go see his dad in the Canadian north woods. He thinks about his parents' recent divorce also "The Secret" that his mom cheated on his dad. While there on the plane the pilot gives him a quick flying lesson, Brian had control of the plane for a few minutes. The pilot has been having pain in his arms, stomach, and shoulder. As the pilot begins moving a lot. He soon realizes he is having a heart attack. The heart attack stops and the pilot is dead. Brian now has to take control and he soon crashes the plane into a lake in the Canadian woods. Where he is stranded. I think that is the most important part; if they hadn't told us that we would be so confused. It tells us where he is going, how old brian is, "The Secret", and how the pilot died.
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Summary of Entire book

Brian is on his way to see his father who lives north in the Canadian woods. Before getting onto the plane his mom gives him a hatchet. Then he got onto the plane with the pilot. After a while the pilot gives Brian a quick flying lesson. The pilot seems to be having a lot of pain. Brian notices but doesn't think it is very serious. The pilot is having a heart attack; the heart attack stops and the pilot is now dead. Brian takes control of the plane and soon crashes it into a lake. Brian has little to eat and is injured from the crash.

He tries to build a fire with no matches but then later on uses his hatchet, the sun, and very tiny pieces of tree. He gets attacked by a lot of animals. A porcupine, a bear, a skunk, and a moose attack him. One day he hears a plane flying over but the plane does not see him and continues on. Brian gives up and tries to commit suicide, but survives. A tornado forms and soon destroys the woods and his shelter. After the tornado he sees that the tail of the plane has risen. He believes that he can get the survival pack out. He did it! Inside he finds freeze-dried food and countless useful items. While making the food a plane lands to rescue Brian.

Background and image?

I set the background image as a city because Brian is from the city. He isn't used to being in the woods. I added a plane crashing into a lake because thats what Brian did. He crashed the plane into an L shaped lake.