Our Gingerbread Experiences

"Run, Run, Run! You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man"

Gingerbread Friends was one of our favorite stories we read during the month of December.

December was a fun month of reading about the different stories of the Gingerbread Man. The children loved reading the small books that were written at the kindergarten and first grade levels. Our parents enjoyed listening to the children read these cute stories!

Many thanks to Jen and Jaimy for organizing a fun Gingerbread and Birthday Party. Lori Renda and Jen Miller made delicious cookies for the children to decorate. Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Clarkson and Mrs. Barrreda helped the children with the decorations. They had a lot of fun! Mrs. Horton, Julia and Lisa Allen helped the children decorated beautiful picture frames with our snowman photos. Jen and I took pictures and helped the children organize their gift bags.

We began the morning making a beautiful flower bouquet with the long stem roses and garden flowers from the children. They looked so beautiful in the vase Jen Miller designed with a hand written message from all the children and parents.

I opened up 18 gifts from a cute wooden treasure box and the children gave me a framed Rainbow Skies Certificate designed by Jen M. Our day ended with loud celebration sounds from our birthday blowers, balloons, and delicious cake and ice cream brought in by Lisa Allen. Layton and I enjoyed celebrating our birthdays with our Room 1 friends!

Thank you for all my gifts, gift cards, holiday photo cards and candy. It feels so good to be loved and appreciated. I love you all so very much! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful time reading and hearing all the different stories about the gingerbread man, girl, boy, baby, friends, coyote and pirates.