Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

By: Jewel & Daniel

What is PTSD?

PTSD is a disorder that is caused by a stressful or mortifying event such as a war, home invasion, car crash, etc. After an event has taken place the recipient can become very anxious and jittery all the time and can become depressed or worse, suicidal.


- negative changes in beliefs or feelings such as changing your religion, or becoming a cynic.

- becoming jittery and jumping out of fright when you hear noises or when you're in a large crowd

- you usually would tend to avoid the traumatic event that you experienced

For example: If you were a survivor in 9/11 attack you may avoid airplanes or being in tall buildings.

Where you can get help for PTSD

- There are many medical centers around North Carolina to get help for these conditions.

- VA (Veterans Association) and the Charlotte community based outpatient clinic

8601 University East drive, Charlotte, NC 28213


Youth does not usually get PTSD unless they have been a victim if they move to another country, or loosing a family member.

- 60% of men and 50% of women experience a traumatic event in their lives but only 7 to 8 percent will get PTSD in their lives.

- 2% of people who have experience PTSD will commit suicide

- 5.2 million adults will have PTSD in a given year

- 10% of women will get PTSD in their lifetime