Media product audience.

Media product - Club music magazine

The target audience - The party animal.

To conclude, I have discovered that the potential audience for my media product would narrow down to those considered as 'party animals.' I do not literally mean an animal, I mean a person who enjoys going out and partying maybe a little bit too much. Although you wouldn't initially think that party animals would be sitting at home reading magazines, this magazine is designed to give them all the latest updates and news on club music, festivals, and downloads that they can listen, or rave to which would help them get in the party spirit. It also comes with tips and guides for the perfect outfit to party in, so essentially it is the key thing to what a party animal needs. The party animal also isn't necessarily a specific person. Today we see party animals come from a range of backgrounds ranging from students to working class people aging from around 18 years old to people in their late 30's, and in some cases it is known that people older than this still like to go out and have fun. However, I think a lot of the chart music that is created and produced in todays society is aimed at a younger audience, cleverly leading clubs to play this kind of music so a lot of the younger target audience to be attracted to go into certain clubs and parties that play this kind of music.

A Party Animal - Urban Definition Dictionary

The wild Party Animal is often seen in their natural habitats. Finding them are not the most trying of tasks; one needs to simply walk to the nearest fraternity house, bar, pub, club, college dorm, or house to find one.

Although this may not in all cases be true, the urban dictionary highlights the somewhat functions of my target audience. Although this definition may come across as harsh, party animals are known to have so much fun wherever they are, they literally do not care of their actions as long as they are having fun, happy and dancing (and also having the odd drink of alcohol or two.)

Examples of my target audience.

"Those who like to go out and have fun, and dance the night away."

Finishing up...

I do not think that there needs to be a specific person that would relate to my target audience, as I think a wide range of people like going out and having fun. However, there are lots of different places where you can go out to have fun who play a range of different genres of music. My target audience would specifically like club/house/dance music, or music that is currently in the charts right now. I can imaging my target audience dancing whilst there are neon flashing lights beaming in the clubs, or letting their hair down at festivals with acts performing like Calvin Harris and Rudimental for example. I can imagine bright neon face paint and body paint, and my target audience wearing things like shorts and bright tops or outfits at festivals, or dressing up smart for a night in the club.