Stuff the Turkey and Not Yourself

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Avoid the Weight Gain During the Holidays

Tis the season to be jolly, and soon we will be eating loads of yams topped with whipped cream and mounds of mashed potatoes topped with butter.Believe it or not!, you can still maintain your weight during the holiday season. Listen to Renee talk about how to avoid the weight gain during the holidays on radio show at 6:30pm

5- Steps to Surving the Holiday Weight Gain

Change your mindset

1. Keep moving, (most people stop their exercise program to go to the office parties, house parties and after work parties. )

2. Watch your plate- eat more fruits (fresh fruit) not the dried because they are high in sugar.

3. Limit the amount of candy, cookies, and other sweets to once a day during the holiday.

4. Choose low-calorie beverages such as ice tea, clear liquid juices. and soda water.

5. Eat on a small plate.

And most of all 'Learn to Say NO'. to seconds, sweets and high calorie drinks.Sit back ad relax and Enjoy the family, and friends.

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Results By Renee

Renee is a certified health and wellness coach who has mentored, coached and changed lives for more than 20 years. Her area of expertise includes diabetes, weight management and she teaches her clients to live and enjoy a stress-free life.

Stuff The Turkey and Not You.