The Huang He and the Chang Jiang

By:Meghan Higgins

Have you ever heard of the Huang He river or the Chang Jiang river? These rivers are very interesting and I could change what you think about them. This is the history behind the river's.
This is a demonstration of the Huang He river.

Fantastic Things About the Huang He

The Huang He get's it's name and color from the extreamely high volume of yellow-brown wind blown silt or loess. Huang He means "Yellow River" or the "River of Tears". It is the main river in Northern China. Second largest river in the country after the Yangtze. It has been in history for more than 3,000 years. It flows from west to east into the Bohai Sea, floods very often and is 3,395 miles long.

Fantastic Things About the Chang Jiang

The Chang Jiang is the largest river in Asia. (Third largest in the world). Chang Jiang means "Yangtze River". It flows for 3,915 miles into the East China Sea. It is the most important river in China playing a large roll in China's culture and economy. The Chang Jiang reaches up to 2,600 feet in width and extends 100 feet in depth. It's drainage extends more than 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometers) from east to west.

This is a demonstration of the Chang Jiang.

Huang He and the Chang Jiang are Similar in so Many Ways

They both are in China. People live along the rivers. They floods during the summer. Animals live near both rivers. Both are import in China's history. People have died in these rivers from drowning.

I worry about the future of the rivers they suffered from industrial pollution and agricultural run-off. Steps need to be taken to protect these rivers and their wildlife. They have been an improtant resource in the history of China and must be saved for the future.
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This is a map of china that show's the Huang He and the Chang Jiang rivers.