Costa Rica

By Jade Williams

Geographic Information

Region- Central Pacific

Area- 19,730 mi sq

Climate- 70-80 degrees F

Arable Land-5.1%

Capital City- SAn Jose

3 largest Cities- San Jose,Puerto Limon,San Francisco

Demographic information

Population 4.872 million

Population Density 93

Growth Rate 1.4%

% Urbanized 2.7%

life Expectancy 79

Aids rate .26%

Literacy Rate 98.8%

Languages Spanish

Ethnicity Pie Graph

Cultural Information

Customs and traditions Costa Ricans do not go out to live on their own until they are formally married. It is very rare to see a young man or woman living alone or working to gain independence.

food Mexican Gallo Pinto

Clothing Women wear long colorful skirts with white a blouse. Men jeans t-shirt Cowboy hat

Housing- normal houses

Recreation- Surfing soccer snorkeling

Religion -Catholics

Political Information


Freedom House _ 1

Civil Rights Score-More than 7

Press freedom-!9 out of 100

Corruption 55/100

Domestic conflicts

Economic Info



% Below Poverty Line-24.8%

Happy Planet Index-