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Newsletter 22 June 2021


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Principal's Corner


It is hard to believe at the end of the week we will be half way through the 2021 school year. I would like to congratulate the students and staff on a successful and enjoyable beginning to the year. I would also like to thank the school community for their support of our school. I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday and I look forward to seeing everyone return to school on Tuesday 13 July, 2021.


NAIDOC Week falls each year during the school holidays, so schools make plans to celebrate this important event. This week we will be holding our school NAIDOC celebration. On Friday, students will be involved in a range of activities that will enhance their understanding of Aboriginal culture and traditions under the 2021 theme, “Heal Country”. Students are encouraged to wear mufti in the colours of red, black and/or yellow. No gold coin donation is required. We look forward to an enjoyable day of valuable learning, to finish Term 2.


Today, your child’s Semester 1 report will be sent home. For staff this is a culmination of months of work and I congratulate them on their professional approach in ensuring the reports were completed in a timely manner. I feel very confident that teachers have taken great care to provide professional judgements on students and their achievement.

As has been the case in the past, there will only be interviews at the request of parents as interviews were conducted at the conclusion of Term 1. If you would like to discuss your child’s report further, please contact the classroom teacher to organise a mutually convenient time to meet.


Congratulations to all our CoS Public Speaking Competition winners who have been awarded in the past few weeks. It has been great to hear such positive feedback from our teachers, who have been very impressed by our students throughout their presentations. Our CoS winners will now present their speeches at schools within our Community of Schools during Term 3.


Our school has already had a number of visits regarding parents wishing to enrol their child for Kindergarten 2022. This is great news! If you are planning on enrolling your child next year, or know of someone who is thinking about it, that lives in our school drawing area, please come to the office and collect an enrolment form or complete the online enrolment form that is available on our school website.


Congratulations to all the students who represented Woonona Public School and North Wollongong PSSA on Friday of Week 6. The South Coast Cross Country Carnival is held at a very difficult track in Nowra and all students did a wonderful job against tough opposition. Woonona Public School is very proud of you all.


Our school Athletics Carnival will be held tomorrow, with cloudy, but fine weather predicted. It has been a huge effort to convene the carnival, with the whole school heading to Beaton Park for the day. Thank you to those teachers, especially Mr McMullen and Mr Argaet, for organising this exciting event. We look forward to seeing lots of parents down at the grounds and showing their support.


Our next P&C meeting will be on Wednesday 14 July, at 6:30pm. That is the first Wednesday of Term 3. The meeting will be held in the school staff room but will also have a Zoom component for those unable to make it face-to-face. We hope to see you there!


A little later in this newsletter, students have written a report on the amazing mural that took shape throughout last week. The mural was the culmination of months of work behind the scenes, from students and staff, to co-ordinate an image that brings light and colour to our school. A big thank you to Ms Phillips and Stage 3, who were the driving force behind this work. The result is beyond what we had hoped for!


Last Friday, many of our Stage 2 and Stage 3 students participated in the first PSSA Gala day of the year. Again, reports are found a little later in this newsletter. I wanted to congratulate the students for their fun approach to the day. Many came back to school, beaming from a day of sport with friends. Feedback from our teachers was that our students and teams were wonderful representatives of our school and displayed fantastic sportsmanship throughout the day. A big thank you to the teachers involved in ensuring a successful day. A special mention to Mr McMullen, who actually co-ordinated the whole Gala Day, not just for our school, but for all schools involved – a huge effort!


Over the past two days, students in Stage 3 have been participating in a leadership course run by Cameron Brown of Explore, Discover, Act. The feedback on the days has been phenomenal, with students and staff coming away from the sessions inspired and ready to take action around what they may bring to leadership. While the days come at a significant cost, the school has covered the expense of the program, as we value the opportunity that this program has provided to our students as they reflect on their own leadership potential.


I want to thank Mrs Carroll who has co-ordinated the Great Book Swap. This wonderful initiative is raising funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and will ensure that books and literacy resources will find their way to some of our most remote communities across the country. The library was buzzing with excitement today, with students excited by the opportunity to swap their book for something new.

Mr Tim Fisher


April 2021 Citizens of the month

Congratulations to our outstanding April Citizens of the month, Lucy, Zarla, Jed, Neo and Eboni.

Thank you for displaying kindness, respect for our school, peers and teachers and for being friendly and happy students.

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May 2021 Citizens of the month

Congratulations to our outstanding May Citizens of the month, Frankie, Evie, Oden and Owen.

Thank you for displaying kindness, respect for our school, peers and teachers and for being friendly and happy students.

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Uniform update

Many thanks to all of the families who have supported the recent initiative to get students wearing full school uniform. There has been a noticeable improvement and it has been wonderful to see so many students wearing their uniform with a greater sense of pride.

Just to clarify a few things in regards to what is classified as uniform, as I know there have been some queries.

  • Tights for the girls are to be navy, not black, and can be worn with whatever they choose, their summer drees, winter tunic or culottes.
  • Socks need to be plain white or plain grey for both boys and girls.
  • Everyday school shoes should be as black as possible.
  • When wearing joggers with the sports uniform they can be any colour.

Whilst we understand there will be days where jumpers/hats cannot be found, will be in the wash etc, it is perfectly acceptable for your child to wear another item of clothing. Please just send a note to explain this to the class teacher. Don’t forget there are plenty of 2nd hand uniforms in excellent condition for sale through the uniform shop. If you or your family need any assistance in sourcing school uniform items please do not hesitate to visit the administration staff who will be more than happy to help you.

Thank you for encouraging and supporting our students to wear their uniform with pride. They are looking fabulous!

Ms Strinic

The Mulga Beach Mural

It all began in a 5-6P art lesson where they were researching a man named Joel, more commonly known as Mulga the Artist. He specialises in painting murals revolving around cartoon style animals doing human like activities. (surfing, playing musical instruments, doing funky hand gestures etc)

Ms Phillips, being part of the SRC, noticed that most students were realising our current mural was beginning to fade. This is what sparked the idea of featuring a groovy Mulga artwork in our school.

The SRC discussed the idea with their classes and looked at examples and guess what – everyone thought it was a great idea! So, Ms Phillips reached out to Mulga and he presented the SRC with a medium detail beach themed masterpiece. We loved it!

A short while later, he was at our school and had already sketched out his vision. Something exciting about being part of the SRC and in Stage 3, was that you had an opportunity to paint with Mulga. With the help of these students, the mural was completed in just four days.

Now when we walk through our playground we are greatly inspired by all the splashes of vibrant colours and cartoon friends in our school.

Sabina and Jett

School Captains

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Stage 3 Leadership Day

Woonona Public School’s Stage 3 were lucky enough to have a day learning about leadership and having fun with Cameron from Explore Discover Act. It was such an awesome day and we worked through lots of different challenges and thought a lot about what makes a leader. We all learned that wearing a badge or having a position in power is not what makes you a leader but how we act, what we say and how we think makes us leaders.

I had a really great day participating in so many fun activities like finding specific words about leadership from a newspaper. I still don’t know how he unconnected the ropes in the hand rope partner challenge. When I walked around, writing down things about leadership on paper at the end of the day, it made me realise how much I learned about leadership. It was a great day!


Stage 3

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Hoodies for the Homeless

The ‘Hoodies for the Homeless’ donations was a great success. Our SRC collected an amazing 352 hoodies and jumpers from our Woonona Public School students, families and community.

It was so good to see our students wanting to help other people less fortunate than ourselves.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped support this worthwhile cause and a very big thank you to the SRC for all their hard work.

Ms Helen Bailey


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Woonona wide World of Sport

South Coast PSSA Football

Congratulations to Courtney, who recently played for South Coast at the PSSA Football State Championships at Blacktown. The tournament comprised of all the best players from NSW primary schools, which consisted of 14 teams and approximately 168 girls from all over the state.

The South Coast team ended up finishing third overall after beating Sydney East 3-2 in the Bronze Medal play off. This is an amazing achievement, given the Sydney teams were able to train and play trial games for many months in the lead up to the championships.

The South Coast team finished second in their pool, after four wins, one draw and one loss, to Sydney North who were crowned champions after beating NSW CIS 1-0 in the final.

Courtney had a great campaign scoring five goals from wing and midfield, including one against CIS in the semi final playoff (2-1 loss to NSW CIS) and one in the 3-2 win in the bronze medal play off.

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Stage 3 Soccer Gala Day

Woonona Public School had a fantastic time at the soccer Gala Day.

The day started off great with everyone so excited to play. We played six or seven games and made it back by 2:30pm. The boys and girls were in separate groups and both teams played Waniora, Woonona East and Russell Vale.

We were all playing in teams of eleven or twelve players. With lots of other Gala Days postponed, it was so great to get active for a fun day again. Watching everyone play at Ocean Park was amazing.

The soccer Gala Day will certainly be one we remember.


Stage 3

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GALA Day – Stage 2

Scarlett – Year 4

On Friday we had touch footy GALA Day. We walked to Hollymount Park and talked on the way. I mostly walked alone and watched the other kids talk.

When we got there, we saw three other schools sitting in the shade. Our teachers told the kids the teams and then we had munch and crunch in a group. When the first game was about to begin, the teachers told us our touch footy field.

The first team we played against was Waniora Public School. We didn’t beat them and they didn’t beat us. It was actually a tie. Luckily, we won the next game. We scored two tries. By that stage, we had played two games and had four to go.

The third game we played was against Waniora again. We won but we were hurt! We had a break every 20 minutes which was good. We also moved from the shade into the sun as it was quite cold. Once we got to the sunny area, the burning sun was so hot so we moved to the shade again.

In the next game, we got to play against Russelvale. We won even though they were so close to getting a try! At the end of the day, we got to stay at Hollymount a bit longer and play some games. GALA day was a great day!

Bodhi – Year 3

On Friday I went to GALA day at Hollymount Park with other kids from Stage 2. First, we walked there. When we got there, we moved to the shade. After about 5 minutes, we started to play touch football. The other teams from Russelvale, Waniora and Woonona East were pretty nice. The games went for about 15 minutes or so.

After a while, the teacher called, ‘recess’. I had a butter and vegemite wrap. There were 4 more games left. By about the fourth hour, the sun was blazing over my head and I was really hot in the sun. I subbed off for a while.

Soon, it was lunch and I had a roll. We had two more games and then we started to walk back to school. My mum picked me up from school. GALA day was pretty fun.

Isla A – Year 4

On Friday, we had GALA day. We walked to Hollymount Park. When we got there, we were assembled into teams. I got Team 2. I was really excited to have our first game.

Sadly, we lost. The good news is that we made a good come back on the next one, scoring 3-1. I started getting really excited. Soon, we moved from the shady sport where we were sitting to across the field and under the trees. I laid my jumper down and grabbed my lunchbox from out of my bag. I began eating.

A little while after, we had three more games, winning evert single one. Everyone was squealing and jumping about. We then went back and had a break. I nibbled on my biscuits, hummus and cucumber. I nibbled it so slowly that I had only finished one by the time of the next game.

We jogged to the field and this time, we were facing Woonona East! It was the fifth game of six. Surprisingly, we won again! On the last break we had, I stuffed biscuits into my face, not wanting to leave anything behind. Disappointingly, I failed. But…. We won the last game! I marched back to school proudly! It was definitely the BEST day of school so far!

Gala Day at school

Rose 3-4L

On Gala Day we sorted into groups at the start. In Mrs Ney's group we did Tunnel Ball and Captain Ball. It was so much fun!

Mrs Nahluz's group did Shot Put and Discus. Shot Put had a medium weight ball and a heavy weight ball. Discus had a 500g one and a 750g one and they were so heavy.

Mrs Bailey's group had Long Jump and Javelin. Those ones were a little hard. Gala Day was the best one yet!

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