- IMTS 2016 -

International Manufacturing Technology Show


My name is Daniele Tiemi Kagiyama, I'm 20 years old and I'm an Production Engineering student at FACENS.

In this presentation letter, I am going to explain why participating the IMTS 2016 would be an amazing opportunity for me.

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Firstly, I would like to introduce my main objectives by going to the IMTS, what I want to see there, and why I want to see those things.

Certainly, attending the IMTS, Americas’ Largest Manufacturing Show, is a huge opportunity not only to see what is new in technology, but also to try out innovations in the current industry world. Being able to be there, to see advancements in technology and talk to the engineers who have developed them, would enrich my knowledge as an engineer student.

This opportunity to get in touch with the exhibitors, who can provide information about the industry, would make me more prepared for my experiences in Brazil's market.

For me, it would also be an extremely important opportunity to see and learn more about the Industry 4.0 and the technological future of manufacturing. The last couple of months I've been researching about it, and have become more and more interested in this area, and I want to work on projects about it, and certainly on my career.

Hence, being able to have access to that much information about it, networking, and real application in today's industry would be lifechanging for me. And definitely would be a stepping stone to bigger things in my undergraduation and career.

The career fields available in manufacturing can take me as far as my determination and abilities go. It could go from a career in computer aided design, software programming to a field service technician. And that excites me, to see all the paths I can follow.

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The area that I want to visit the most is the Controls & CAD-CAM Pavilion.

There, I'll be able to see the digitally-enabled tools that are going to help define Smart Manufacturing, the Industrial Internet of Things, and other advancements in the digital era.

Also, there is going to be a conference I want to attend entitled "Industry 4.0 and the Future of Manufacturing" with Florian Böpple, an Expert in Digital Manufacturing.

As I said before, The Industry 4.0 is an area of huge interest for me, as are all of its key parts, such as Internet Of Things, Big Data, cyber-physical systems and the communication infrastructure of the big industries.

Industry 4.0 is effectively about minimizing manufacturing downtime and increasing productivity of the plant. The Smart Factories are about cyber-physical systems which make the process of production more efficient, and that has everything to do with my working field.

In the IMTS, I will make sure to embrace all of the information available there, and talk to professionals in the area.

My main goal, with all the information I get, is to make it useful in my reality as an engineering student.

I want to develop projects using the infrastructure I have access in FACENS, and most importantly, as technology definitely is a topic I want to work with, I want to gather material to develop my Course Conclusion Work.

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Many Brazilian industries have begun to digitalize their processes.

For instance, at Volkswagen Brasil, all of the projects start from a digital model. The products are simulated in 3D, which speeds the process, guaranteeing flexibility, optimizing the time of production and opening opportunities of highly qualified jobs.

Volkswagen has been investing in software, hardware and training for the employees to adapt with this new reality.

The initiatives in brazilian factories have allowed the company to save 93 millions (reais) in the period of two years.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and The Future of Manufacturing have already begun and I want to really live it, being a part of this development in my university and my country.

That is my ambition, and how I am going to make the most of the IMTS if I am given the chance.

If given the opportunity to attend the International Manufacturing Technology Show 2016, I look forward to bringing back all the knowledge I can acquire there in order to develop projects and studies at FACENS, and therefore, a successful start of my career as an Engineer.

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IMTS 2016

Monday, Sep. 12th, 6am to Saturday, Sep. 17th, 11pm

McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, USA

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