Mrs. Pittman's Class News

February 8, 2016

Let's get READY to have a GREAT week!

Happy Monday! Another week is starting and we are moving through our curriculum very quickly. We have just completed the WW1 Unit and are moving right into Great Depression as we understand how this set up our society for WW2. Lots of fun info. in this area of history, also a lot of sadness. This is always a favorite part of 5th Grade Social Studies. We will have a project that goes along with WW2 that will be detailed later in this semester. In Math, we have just moved to Volume. We are teaching volume with a few videos from Minecraft and most students are loving it! In Science we are moving into Sum of Parts and in Reading we are working through the book, Bud, Not Buddy! Lots going on in 5th Grade!!!

Science Fair WINNERS!

Out of the 4 winners for Science Fair, two of them are from our class! Congratulations to Thomas Eady and Rachel Hoang. Both of these students will spend a day at the County Wide Science Fair. Way To Go!! We are so proud of both of you! I am proud of EVERY student that participated and worked so hard on their Science Fair projects! What a great Learning adventure!

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Don't forget to go online and sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences. Early Release will be on February 24th and 25th. Let me know if there are times that you need that are not on the sign ups! Looking forward to seeing each of you for Conferences

Here is the link:

Entry Code is:



Our Relay for Life Team will be selling HeartGrams all this week for Valentines Day. They cost $1.00 each and will be delivered Friday, February 12th. If you need more forms just let me know. I can send them home with your child.

Valentine's Day Cards and Treats

This past week your child should have brought home a list of students in our classroom for Valentine's Day. We plan on celebrating Valentine's Day Friday afternoon, Feb. 12th. This is not something that everyone has to do, it is totally voluntary. If your child decides to give out Valentine's, please know that they will need to have one for every child in the class.

No School Monday, February 15th

Please be reminded that Monday, February 15th is a Teacher Workday and a Student Holiday!!! Enjoy your Long Weekend!!

Yearbooks are going FAST!

There are only a few yearbooks left. If you have not purchased a yearbook and would like to, you can send in $30.00 marked for Parsons PTA Yearbook and I will make sure it gets turned in to our PTA! Hurry! Don't Miss Out!