Athletic Trainer

Charlie 7th Hour

What is an Athletic Trainer?

An Athletic Trainer is a person that helps athletes with sport injuries and can also be a doctor. He can decide if a player can play or not and he can say how long they are out. However there are many different levels of this job, theres junior high athletic trainers , theres high school trainers, and even college and pro Athletic Trainers.

5 Tasks

These are five tasks you have to have for these profession.

1.) Assess and report for recovering Athletes.

2.) Travel with athletic teams.

3.) Care for athletic injuries.

4.) Inspect playing fields.

5.) Advise athletes of proper use of equipment.

What are the Working Conditions?

The working conditions for this job are.

1.) Work with athletes.

2.) Teach people how to prevent injuries.

3.) Lead stretching exercises.

4.) Consult with doctors concerning players injuries.

5.) Deterine if athlete is healthy.

Degree/ Certificate/ Training necessary

You would need atleast a Bachelors Degree and you would have to take atleast Science and Health related courses.

Yearly Salary and Range in Texas

If you were a Athletic Trainer in Texas you would make from $33,990 to $71,270. That means that the range would be $37,280.