Benjy Brooks

By: Chesney Paine & Jessica Morales


BORN: OCTOBER, 10th 1918

DIED: APRIL 2nd, 1998

Benjy Brooks was the 1st woman to become a pediatric surgeon in the state of Texas. In her work at Texas Children's Hospital, she conducted research on congenital defects, burn treatment, spleen reparation, and the prevention of hepatitis. She was Texas first woman to help children i children hospitals.

what made her popular and important...?

as the years went bye Benjy Brooks helped many many children, she was the first woman in Texas history to be a pediatric sugeon and won many awards for the help she gave to the children.


how it impacted us....

how it impacted us was that she was the first woman and if it wasn't for her many children may have died in the 1900's and there may have not been any women helping out today.