Gioacchino Rossini

Nicholas Seto

A composer in the Classical Era.

Giacchino Rossini was a composer in the Classical Era. He was born on February 29, 1792 in Italy. When he was a kid, he played the harpsichord and sang opera in churches. He attended a music school in Bologna, Italy. Later in life, Rossini composed many songs such as The Guillaume Tell Overture.

Rossini's Songs.

Rossini's compositions are simply amazing. He composed songs such as the famous "William Tell Overture" and it was well known. Most of his songs were operas and lasted hours long. To find out more, scroll down and click the button that says, "More about Rossini." There you can find all of his compositions.

Famous pieces by Rossini

Guillaume Tell Overture

Also known as the William Tell Overture. This is a fast paced piece. This piece is the most famous piece that Rossini composed.


A song that has an exciting introduction, then goes to a graceful scene, then back to exciting...

II Barbiere di Siviglia Overture

Another fast paced piece.

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