Memorable Heroes of the Middle Ages

They made the difference

King John's Life

In the year 1166 prince John was born. In his first known military action, a mission to Ireland prince John failed and was forced to retreat back to England. After which he joined his brother Richard in rebellion against their father William, the Conqueror. Unhappy with the position he was in after his brother Richard took power, John schemed against his brother with Philip Augustus of France in 1192 A.D. After the rebellion Richard pardoned his brother and continued reign on throne in 1194 A.D. Soon after which Prince John took to the throne and became King. He had several military campaigns all of which were both victorious and failures.

The Magna Carta

One of the things king john was most known for was the signing of the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta came about when a group of nobles was tired of everything being taken from them by the king. As a result, they went to the king in full military outfit and threatened the king with his safety if he didn’t sign a document. This document happened to be the Magna Carta. The magna cart stated that the lords and kings shall share power. Source:"King John, of England." Historic World Leaders. Gale, 1994. World History in Context. Web. 30 Apr. 2013.

Joan of Arc

Born in the year 1412 in Domremy France. Joan of arc was a young girl who led an army of tens of thousands of men. How did she do this you ask? Well she was born a peasant in a farming province in France. One day the king dressed up as a common peasant and went to visit Joan of arc. When she saw him the first thing she said was “you are the king”. This really surprised him but he still wasn’t convinced. So he told her to tell him a secret. So she told him a secret that he never told anybody in his entire life. After that he was convinced that Joan of Arc was touched by god. So he took her under her wing to literally inspire and lead an entire army. They fought the English and the English eventually captured and burned Joan of arc at the stake proclaiming that she was a witch. She died at the young age of 19. In 1456 however English investigators investigated the matter and overturned her conviction proclaiming her a saint!

Her "sight"

These visions that she was seeing could have been any number of things since those things were not common back then. But nobody will ever get the chance to find out. Some say she had Bi Polar disorder. Others say that she was just trying to get attention. Whatever it was something about Joan of Arc will never be explained.Source:"Joan of Arc." Historic World Leaders. Gale, 1994. World History In Context. Web. 2 May 2013

William the Conqueror

William the conqueror was born as a “bastard” in 1027 in Falaise, France. His father was Robert I Duke of Normandy. His mother was a concubine Herleva who was a peasant girl. Fortunately this illegitimacy didn’t stop him from becoming one of the most important people in the Middle Ages. He succeeded his father as Duke in 1035. One of the things he was most known for was his victory at the battle of Hastings. His rise to power was rather difficult having to brush aside a combined force from a lord and the King of France himself. After which he moved on to conquer the county of Maine in 1063. William Died in 1087 in Rouen France.