Tressa's Science 6 Folder

This Is My Smore To Show My Learning In Science!

An Introduction To Tressa Van Raes!!

Is Tressa, I am 11 years old and I go to Pioneer middle school. I have one older sister who is now in Beckman, she's OK. My favorite foods are pasta, rice, and watermelon. I am on a running team called the equalizers, I have even gone to the Junior Olympics in Albuquerque New Mexico. I also love to play soccer, I'm currently not playing it this year but I have played it for a little bit over eight years. Unfortunately I never got the pet pig that I always dreamed of, as you can imagine my favorite animals are pigs, they are so cute and adorable. My favorite thing to do in my spare time is make DIY's also known as crafts. I like to paint, use duct tape, and cook.

Introduction to science 6

Over the time that I've been here in science 6th grade we have done many exciting thing. One of the first things we have done was using a metric ruler to measure different things including ourselves!!! We have also learned how to use a triple beam balance beam to see how much things weigh. We wieghed things like safety goggles, pennies, and wood chips. Our class has also been studying how to use microscopes. We used the microscope for things like salt, a dragonfly leg, sand, and a bee. The most resent thing we have been doing in science is learning how to do longitude and latitude.

Favorite thing we did in science!!!

My favorite thing that I did in science this year was using a microscope. The microscopes are very fun and interesting, we got to see so many cool things. Such as a bee, a dragonfly leg, sand, and salt.