Learning Styles

Visual, Auditory and kinesthetic learning styles.


This is how an awareness of your learning style can improve your ability to learn and help personal development.
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Various Learning styles

There are three learning styles that are known by most people, they are Visual; Auditory and Kinesthetic. Each one is different in it's own unique way, I will be going through each one and proving some basic information about them. Some people may not benefit from all of them but at least one should be enough for some people.


People that prefer this learning style like to use images, pictures, colors and maps to organise their information and communicate with other users. You will be able to easily find your way around using a map without getting lost, once leaving buildings to go somewhere you instantly know where to go and which way to turn. People who prefer visual learning will learn things easier by using images and color over just plain words and books.


People that have the learning style of Auditory prefer to learn by hearing and listening, you tend to understand things better when you hear them and you also remember them too. You understand instructions easier when they are said to you, the information is stored in your brain by how you hear it. You learn by reading information out loud and need to hear or speak it to know it. Lastly you tend to talk to yourself or others when you are bored. This can help personal development as you can learn in your own way by speaking and listening to those around you rather than using pictures and solid blocks of text.


This is the physical learning style, this is where the body and sense of touch comes into play. Some people find this way easy to learn about the world around them by touching things and performing physical activities. If something is bothering a person with this learning style then they prefer to go run or walk it off rather than getting mad and sitting at home. You will be more sensitive to the world around you and learn hand gestures and body language to communicate with people around you. If you were learning about a new topic, you would be the person that wants to jump in and play with it or learn with the physical parts.
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